We strongly recommend that you contact any such parties and choose out from receiving any marketing material from them.

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For further information please see at this juncture. In asking us to exclude you, you acknowledge and accede that we will suspend your account and prevent you as of gambling on the Website for the period requested. If you wish to extend the Self-exclusion, you can do so as a result of contacting Customer Support. We can make minor changes to these Terms and Conditions from age to time, and you are advised to review these Terms and Conditions, together with the specific Rules for each amusement you choose to play, regularly in order to remain ahead to date with any changes. See 4. Please refer en route for specific Promotional Terms. You be obliged to also be of mental ability to take responsibility for your own actions and to enter into an enforceable contract along with us. Any accounts found en route for be in use of a self exclusion agreement will be closed as soon as such use is discovered. These Terms and Conditions apply to all gaming with us via a few device, including downloadable applications on a mobile device.

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We will not be held accountable for unauthorised access to your account if you do not safeguard this information. Accordingly, you should not in any approach treat Dumarca as a financial institution. If, prior to us becoming aware of the blunder, you have withdrawn funds so as to do not belong to you, without prejudice to any erstwhile remedy and action that can be available to us as a result of law, the mistakenly paid amount will constitute a debt owed by you to Dumarca. But, after a reasonable period, we are not able to return your withdrawable funds because, for example, we are not adept to contact you , we may donate the relevant amount to a charity of our choice.

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